Sunday, January 22, 2012


My blog is powered by, and it provides us bloggers with a stats page.  On the stats page, I am able to see how many hits my blog has had within the last two hours, day, week, month, and all time.  I am also able to see the country that the hits came from, the computer operating system that the user used, and even the type of device.  For instance it will show that x number of hits came from America, Y number of hits came from South Korea, z number of hits were from the UK, and etc.  X number of hits were from a macintosh, y number of hits were from a windows device, z number of hits were from an iphone, and etc.  X number of hits came via a Chrome browser, y number came from Safari, z number came from Mozilla, and etc.

I am also able to see how many hits each blog post had, and if a site referred a particular reader to my blog, I am able to see which site referred them.  If I get a hit via one of the search engines, I am able to see the particular keywords that were entered by the reader.  I usually receive the most hits in the shortest amount of time whenever I post a link on my facebook page, so upon finishing a post, I normally immediately do so, and the next few subsequent hours, I am usually glued to my computer to see the details on the hits I receive.  I normally check the stats, on average, around once a day.

It sounds fairly in depth, and some of you may even be afraid that I know who you are when you are reading, but it doesn't go into that much detail.  As much as I want to know exactly who reads my blog, and trust me, I'm curious, I haven't a clue.  The only way I am able to see exactly who you are is if you become a public follower, post a comment on my blog (and many times, those are anonymous), post a comment under the link that I provide on my facebook page, or "like" the facebook link.  Even then, I wouldn't know, because, for all I know, regarding facebook, you could be simply posting a comment, or "liking" a particular link without even reading the content provided.

I've gotten hits from around the world, but naturally, the two countries that I receive the most hits from are the U.S. and Korea.  Most of my hits come from macs and pc's, but a significant amount of hits also come via iphones, as well as android devices.  The five posts that have received the most hits are linked on the right.  The most common search key words via Google are "half korean," "half korean children," and the names of particular Korean female celebrities that I post about, especially Soo Ae.

Today, I checked my blog's stats as I always do on a normal day.  The number of hits weren't abnormal.  I didn't have any hits from any exotic countries.  I also didn't have an abnormal amount of hits from the same device.  But I did have one hit via google, which still wasn't abnormal.  The bizarre thing about it was the search keywords, which read, "japanese women wearing pantyhose on youtube."  I laughed, as I wondered what the reader's intentions were, which I am quite confident this particular page didn't satisfy, but hopefully, I gained a reader.  And if I did, I would like to thank him (I'm fairly certain it's a him, but if it's a her, you can "put two and two together") for taking the mundanity out of a normal stat-check session by searching for "japanese women wearing pantyhose on youtube," and clicking a link to my blog.  I'll "take 'em any way I can get 'em."  

But in all seriousness, thank you everybody for taking the time to read my blog, and thank you for showing a mild interest in my strange, sometimes mundane, routine-filled wonderful life.  God bless you all!


  1. I've had my blog for years now and never knew any of this. Maybe I should be more observant. Hah! I've told you before, but Mom and I get a big kick out of reading about your life in Korea. During the romance post, we would call each other and say "Have you check Chris' blog? He post about the girl!" So, those were our favorite entries, but I love reading them all.

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